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Miguel Cabrera is off to a fantastic start and it looks like his injuries of the last couple of years are healed and behind him...except maybe for that huge chip on his shoulder...looks like Miggy is out to prove that he is still the best hitter in baseball. Settle down all of you Mike Trout supporters...I said best hitter in baseball...not best player or even best offensive player...the stats still show that from a pure hitting standpoint Miggy is a tick better. Speaking of Trout, he is off to a very good start hitting around the .400 mark...it looks like the work he did in the off season to cut down on his strike outs (and as a result raise is batting average and obp) is paying off...even though it is early in the season his strike out rate is 16.2% (per plate appearance) vs 26.2% last year...if he keeps that up look for his batting average to be back into the .340 range...that's what the great ones do...adjust to the adjustments the pitchers make on them. There is no doubt we are seeing one of the best players ever to play the game when we watch Mike Trout...even though most of us never got to see Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Mickey Mantle or Joe Dimaggio play, watching Trout gives us a glimpse into what it would have been like to see those guys....and then there's Bryce Harper....I think everyone has moved on from the Trout and Harper comparisons...but I also think just about everyone thought those comparisons were legit when those two were both rookies in 2012...this is a HUGE year for Harper...if he can approach a .300/.380/.530 slash line and 30 home runs/100 rbi/100 runs he will silence his critics and take his place as one of the best players in the game...if he is injured for a significant amount of time again or fails to approach those numbers the detractors and over rated calls will become even louder...this is a make or break year for Harper on his road to true baseball greatness...you know the great ones are great by 22 or 23 years old. Speaking of young players here are my thoughts on some of the young players in the big leagues...I think Xander Bogaerts is and will be a better player than Manny Machado...Machado has this ARodish air about him which I think will really hurt him and his production going forward. The Cubs are going to be really really good in a couple of years...I don't think they will be above .500 in 2015, but Kris Bryant is an absolute beast...Anthony Rizzo had a monster year in 2014 and will only get better...Jorge Soler is the real deal too...and all signs point to Addison Russell being a way above average major league short stop...in 2015 with high end offenseive players being at such a premium the Cubs looks like they are building an offensive juggernaut more reminiscent of the steroid area than the new age of pitchers...all signs point to the Cubs being a super fun team to root for in the coming years...Cubbies fans are more than starved for a winner...it looks like it's coming.


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