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Our Sports Display Artisans

What makes our Sports Display Items the best in the business and look so unbelievably amazing? It's the immensely talented people in our Sports Display Production Group!! isn't your local frame shop who works on a multitude of different projects throughout the year. We only work on Sports Memorabilia...all day, every day!! And when your Sports Memorabilia Display piece arrives at your home or office you will see the difference. Every single one of the people who work on your item takes tremendous pride in turning out the best looking, most amazing product in the Sports Memorabilia business. Their motto is simple...our items are more than just Sports Memorabilia, they're works of art!! That's why the vast majority of our customers have bought from us multiple times. We try and do our best to take pictures that show you what our products look like, but you just have to see our items in person to truly appreciate how beautiful they really are!!

Here is a little information about our immensely talented and dedicated Sports Display Artisans:

Amber Trlicek: Amber oversees our Sports Displays Production Group and is involved in all areas of the production process from design to finishing. She has the unique ability to see a product from inception/idea, through the prototype development stage, and into the final production stage...and to be on top of the project and involved all the way. Amber has played sports her entire life including volleyball in college, and is a die hard Dallas Cowboys fan.  She loves working on the products as it lets her combine her creative talents and interests with her love for sports. Amber has 4 kids who all play sports, including a daughter who is on the University of Texas Softball Team, and another daughter who will join her big sister on the UT softball team once she graduates from High School.

Bob Cox: Bob builds our frames and the main display parts for our products, and is a woodworking wizard. Whatever our design team dreams up Bob can build it. Bob's strong suits are his attention to detail and his meticulous work ethic, as he goes to great lengths to ensure that every display piece we sell has clean cuts and is joined together perfectly . Bob takes great pride in his work and while other Sports Memorabilia Display companies cut corners, you can rest assured that everything you buy from us was built by Bob and it is built to last. Bob's favorite sport is baseball and his favorite team is the Colorado Rockies. His favorite baseball player is Dave McNally, who is from Bob's hometown of Billings, Montana. Bob also enjoys riding his ninja motorcycle with his wife Catherine.

Brodie Popp: Brodie is a super talented artist with a degree in Graphic Design, and like all true Texans is a huge fan of Nolan Ryan. He loves using his creative talents to come up with new ideas and designs for our products. Brodie works on preparing the display item (like the autographed jerseys) to be framed, and his skill and attention to detail allows a perfect presentation of the item to be displayed every time. He also takes all of the photos we use on our website, and even though he does an amazing job showcasing our products, they look even better in person. Keep checking our site to see what new designs for Jerseys, Balls, Photos and other Sports Memorabilia Brodie will come up with next.

Justin Handy: Justin is the newest member of the Sports Displays Production Group, and brings a ton of experience from his past endeavors to the team which will no doubt add to the expertise and creativity of the Group. Justin is currently getting his feet wet in all aspects of the production process and will no doubt be a huge asset for going forward. Like everyone else at Justin is a huge sports fan, and especially likes football and baseball. His favorite teams are the Houston Astros, Minnesota Twins, and the Dallas Cowboys and says he bleeds burnt orange for his University of Texas Longhorns. Justin's favorite players are Peyton Manning, Emmitt Smith, Kirby Puckett and Derek Jeter. Justin hopes his 3 young children follow in his foot steps and become huge sports fans like he is.

Mike Prinzo: Mike's diversified talents and vast knowledge of sports allow him to wear many hats and contribute in many ways for, from Product Listing Management to Shipping Management to Marketing. He is also involved with the Sports Displays Production Group, working with them to ensure that the Memorabilia Piece has all of the correct and matching certificates of authenticity, that any signed piece has a nice clean signature, and that your order is made and shipped correctly and on time. Mike is always flying around the outside of the production area to make sure your order is running on time and the Production Group has everything they need to build your display piece to the exact specifications of your order. To say Mike is a huge sports fans would be an understatement. His favorite teams are the Miami Dolphins, the Florida Panthers, the Miami Heat and the Cincinnati Reds (are you sure it's not the Marlins Mike?) and his favorite players are Barry Larkin, Dan Marino, Dwyane Wade, Roberto Louango and Michael Jordan. Mike also is a youth fastpitch softball coach for one of the best 14U teams in the country, and when he is not coaching spends his free time with his wife Rebecca and his son Jack.

Ralph Tobar: Ralph is the final leg in creating our display products. He takes the main item (like the autographed jersey) merges it with the display to make the complete item.  Along the way he adds in all of the little things that make our Framed Jerseys and other display items look so unbelievable.  Ralph is one of those guys who can do anything and everything mechanically or woodworking wise well. Everyone in our Sports Displays Production Group is always amazed at how fast Ralph picks up on new things. When the team comes up with a new design Ralph is able to implement the back end of the process immediately and remember every little detail of the steps to create the perfect final product. Ralph is a Peyton Manning and University of Tennessee Volunteers football fan, and is very close to his daughter who he calls his princess.